Sunday, October 23, 2011

James Adams

Welcome! Tonight we are visited by the artist James Adams. He sells his tubes at PSP ASYLUM.
You can visit his website and purchase his PSP tubes here. Thank you so much for stopping by and talking with us today James. We always enjoy getting to know the artist behind the artwork a little better.

1) How did you become a part of the psp tube community?
I was contacted a year or so ago by They noticed my  artwork on Facebook and were impressed with what they saw. And, asked  me if I was interested in signing with them. I accepted and had a great  year with them. Just this past July, my contract was up for renewal,however I decided to part ways and join I am very pleased  with my decision.The genre of my artwork fits quite well with their style.

2) What does your artwork mean to you? For me, its about passion. Contrast of dark and ligh, beauty and the seduction of evil. Will goodness prevail, or is it in the natural order of things to have opposing elements coincide with one another? For without one, the other couldn't possibly exist.

3) What inspires you in creating your artwork? Anne Rice novesl. A passage will create a picture in my mind and I interpret it onto to the page. Also, I gain inspiration from horror movies., music and my own memories of childhood daydreams and fantasies derived from folklore and fairy-tales. And, of current dreams, as well. It always starts off with the question. " What If...?". Then, my imagination will take it from there.

4) How long have you been selling psp tubes?
A couple of years.

5) How do you create your artwork? Is it by hand
or digitally? What tools do you use in doing the artwork?
It's all done freehand. I start with a pencil sketch, then ink it with ball point pen and top it off  with watered down Speedball Acrylic Inks. Then, I scan them in and send them to PSP Asylum for tube prepping and posting to the site.

6)Aside from psp tubes, what else do you create
with your artwork? I have a zazzle store setup with various products available for purchase @ You'll find quality prints,tshirts.skateboards,mugs,buttons,magnets,bumper stickers,invitations and much more.

7) As you have developed your style and artwork, which artists
have influenced you?Frank Frazetta, Al Hirchfield, Olivia, Victoria Frances,and Hajime Sorayama.

8) Does the psp community help artists become more well known
with getting their names and artwork more visible? I can honestly say my artwork has received significant exposure by being with Phenomenal opportunities have emerged seemingly out of thin air due to the massive support I have received from and the PSP community. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I'm having great success and a lot of fun.

9) What do you enjoy the most about being part of the psp community? The opportunity to have an active roll in giving what my fans want has brought me phenomenal joy. I can communicate more easily with those who enjoy my artwork and I am gaining more input on how my artwork is being perceived by them. This supports me in my evolution as an artist. But most importantly, I have been given phenomenal opportunities to use my artwork in a more positive,productive manner by donating digital versions to great causes and charities, such as raising money for the National MS Society, Breast Cancer Awareness, and much more. To use my artwork for enhancing the quality of life for those in need, gives me a greater sense of personal satisfaction by being able to service others.


  1. The honor was all mine. Sarah is fabulous!

  2. Beautiful interview my friend!!! James Adams Rocks :D

  3. Wonderful interview Sarah and James!
    I love you much James!

  4. That was a fantastic interview. I enjoyed reading it and learning more about you, James. :)