Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Swt MeloDe

Today we are visited by the independent artist Swt MeloDe.
Below you can see some examples of her artwork.You can visit
her website and store here.
Thank you for talking with us today. I know some of our readers
will just be hearing about your artwork for the first time. Taggers are always
looking for new artists to use and I'm sure many will love your artwork.

1) How did you become a part of the psp tube community?
I think it was in 1998 when I was creating web-templates, designing sites & actually painting tubes from scratch. However it wasn't quite as big as it is today. But I guess it was 2005 when the PSP community actually found me :)

2) What does your artwork mean to you?
It's my "Happy Place" (I know corny *giggle*). I find it challenging, fun & a fulfilling accomplishment when an image is completed.

3) What inspires you in creating your artwork?
People like yourself. It's a wonderful feeling knowing people admire & enjoy what I do.

4) How long have you been selling psp tubes?
My actual on-line store has been around since 2007, but I have been selling various art works & resources since 98

5) How do you create your artwork? Is it by hand
or digitally? What tools do you use in doing the artwork?
Everything is done digitally.  I render my characters in Poser, basically bald & naked 90% of the times. Then I import the rendered file into Photoshop CS. From there I repaint the character to give her a flawless look as well as anything else I may have rendered. After that I start to paint the hair, clothes & other elements I wish to use on the character.  I also use many other elements purchased from some fabulous artists & incorporate them as well. I guess you can say I am more of a "mix-media" type of artisrts.

6)Aside from psp tubes, what else do you create
with your artwork?
I have done so many different things for people through the years. Anywhere from murals on walls to key-chains.

7) As you have developed your style and artwork, which artists
have influenced you?
I'm not sure about this one as there are so many fabulous artists out there I admire :)

8) Does the psp community help artists become more well known
with getting their names and artwork more visible?
From what I am seeing lately, I would have to say yes.

9) What do you enjoy the most about being part of the psp community?
I'd have to give my same response as #4... The lovely people I have met through this community. If I may add, I'd like to thank you Sarah for allowing me this interview :)

10) What are some of your favorite art pieces which you have done and why?

That's difficult to say but I guess I have 2. One would be my In Dreams. As to why, I guess it was something I created just for me, which I seldom do.  As for the other one, it's called "A Place for Emily" which became a wall mural in a child's room. It was a 3 week project and one of my favorites because it pushed my abilities as a 2D digital painter which is something I don't do as often as I should. Lazy I guess *giggle*

11) Do you prefer tags with your art tubes animated or non animated? Or are both great to you?

Both are great to me :) I feel if someone pays to use an image they should have the ability to do as they wish.

12) Do you do commissions for taggers? How about ideas for tubes which taggers may have?

Yes, I do commissions and I am always open and appreciate new ideas and suggestions.

13) Is there anything which you don't allow to be done with your artwork? For example mirroring, animation, etc.

Like I answered on question #2, When you pay for an image it is yours to do as you wish.  I am different then most tube sites.  My images/tubes or created and intended for commercial use. My items are more like stock/resource images for any purpose.

14) Would you like to receive tags which our members may do featuring your artwork? We often love to send the artists tags
by our members.

I Love seeing tags and anything else with my work. I am fascinated with all the imaginations out there. At times I say "Gosh, why didn't I think of that" :D


  1. I love SwtMeloDe! Her work is absolutely awesome - I'm a HUGE fan!

  2. I absolutely love her designs, she's extremely talented, thanks for interviewing her

  3. Swt MeloDe has to be the most beautiful person inside and out and her art is spectacular!!!!!!!