Sunday, December 11, 2011


Tonight we are visited by the talented artist Neoracer.
Thank you for talking with us tonight. You can visit his
website and purchase his tubes at PTE.

 1) How did you become a part of the psp tube community?

I was introduced to it by Tonya Rector Rice & then Jolene Burke, up until that point I had no idea what Tubes where, or how big of a community was into it! So it was an eye opener to be exposed to that artistic world out there!

2) What does your artwork mean to you?

Its always been part of my self expression, and more so I like to have satisfaction that I have 'entertained people' who like my art, even in the early days of the net I was making artworks for people so maybe Im a frustrated actor or something lol

3) What inspires you in creating your artwork?

It can be many different things, a face, a great design & color combinations, even music can give me that energy to want to create something.

4) How long have you been selling psp tubes? Since June of 2011, luckily I had a big backlog of arts which I have not released all yet. Some art older and I want to update them with better technique when I can.

5) How do you create your artwork? Is it by hand
or digitally? What tools do you use in doing the artwork?

Its both, I draw them by hand in Photoshop using a variety of tools. The lasso is good for more than just selections, I can also make lines with it. The warp tool is fantastic at bending a straight line into a lovely curve shape which is quicker to do than drawing a path. I hardly ever use paths! Also the airbrush of course is essential for nice shading.
I always work with the client (usually models) and ask them for an initial concept or theme. Its true I could just come up with a 'sexy image' but I want it to have some personal connection other than the often it includes a topic that has meaning to the person and in the end it produces a better image I think.

6)Aside from psp tubes, what else do you create
with your artwork?
Initially all my arts are created for someone who has asked for a commission and from there it can be submitted as a tube to be used by the community if they like it!

7) As you have developed your style and artwork, which artists
have influenced you?
I was influenced a lot by Japanese Anime artists from the mid 90s to early 2000's but I decided I wanted to switch styles, and become more interested in western comic book work. More than anyone the work of J.Scott Campbell inspires me!

8) Does the psp community help artists become more well known
with getting their names and artwork more visible?
Oh absolutely, there's so many people who are into it which was shocking to me really and the quality of work people produce is amazing!

9) What do you enjoy the most about being part of the psp community?

I love seeing what people do with my art and other artist's and knowing they were able to do something with my art they enjoyed creating, if it makes people happy then Im happy too!

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