Saturday, February 11, 2012

Justice Howard

Today we are talking with Alternative Pin-up artist Justice Howard. Justice uses real people in her artwork images. You can visit her blog, website and purchase PSP tubes from her store. Thank you so much for talking with us today Justice.

) How did you become a part of the psp tube community?

  I was  one of the artists on a large PSP  website and that is how I became knowledgeable about the PSP community. It was then that I decided to set out on my own.  The website took  three months to build and I tried to make  the " pretty site"  since so many of the other websites seemed very  sterile,  lacking   character and design.  Therefore, I really designed my site for  us women  as it is all pink and pretty and the tags that are displayed on the pages were all designed strictly to match the site itself.

2) What does your artwork mean to you?

 Well basically it's a running documentation  of my lifeline. It's all the people that I photographed and all the people that I know, and all the people that I love that have been encapsulated for eternity. A friend of mine used to say that I was the keeper of time, that I  saved  little slices of time and kept them in a box. I think he's right, and what used to be a box is now a hard drive. I have over four hard drives with over half a million images  stored on them. I have  all of my hard drives backed up  in different locations which is a smart thing to do in case of fire or other  acts of God.

3) What inspires you in creating your artwork?

 Well it can be anything really, it can be a person, it can be a prop, it can be a car or motorcycle, or it can be a piece of clothing.  Or it can be an idea,  some wacked wild  idea  that  comes out of my brain pan  and that I will decide  to document.  That's what happened  with my fairytale series. I had this wild idea to do an  erotic  series of fairytale images  after I realized that no one had ever done  it before. The first one I did was a series that I entitled ” Once Upon a Tease”    because a lot of the models  that I used for the  fairy tale series were burlesque  dancers. The second one  I did was entitled ”Alice in Thunderland"  and I did that one because people went so crazy over the first one that I  had to do another.  And of course after I  did it first, everyone else ripped it off  from me and strangely enough one of those people was Tyra Banks. She must've gone directly to my website where they were displayed at the time and taken the idea, because I was watching her show and they did one of those model vamp-offs  where they used every exact fairytale that I had chosen to document.  In  the Disney  movie Enchanted,  Disney had  styled their Wicked Queen exactly as I had styled mine  in my fairytale series.  My Wicked Queen  had very pronounced highly  arched  Goth eyebrows,  long glamour lashes as well as black lips  and I don't remember Disney's wicked Queen looking like that before this.  You can even Google "ENCHANTED" and you  will see just what I mean.

4) How long have you been selling psp tubes?
Not very damn long! The site only one up about  two months ago  so we are very very new. We  have galleries that are very different offering a wide array of imagery.  Some of these are  LADY INK,  which is named after  my 2012 and 2013  calendar, a  title that I now have copyrighted. Also FETISH,  which is very self-explanatory, GARTERS & GASOLINE is obviously a pinup heavy folder. Then theres MAN MADE  which is a gallery for the ladies and  PRETTY MAIDS IN A ROW  is just that,  prettier softer more glamorous content. ALICE IN THUNDERLAND  houses the fairy tale art before it was digitally backgrounded. And as it says in our MISSION STATEMENT  if there's anything that any of you want to see let me know  and if it is within the possibility of my control I will  document it for you.

5) How do you create your artwork? Is it by hand or digitally? What tools do you use in doing the artwork?
My number one tool is my lighting equipment. And I have the very best, and it is this that I think makes a huge difference and also  in the  quality of my photographics.  My   second  tool is my Nikon camera that was the price of a small car. Most everything I do is created with these two tools. I believe that if  you document perfection straight out of the camera then you won't  waste a lot of time  in post.

6) Aside from psp tubes, what else have you created with your artwork?
There is a bar in Washington DC called THE TATOO BAR  that houses about 30 pieces of my  art.  The TATTOO BAR  has huge 12  foot  light boxes on the walls as well as murals covering the  bathroom doors.  It's really  a gorgeous bar, all stainless steel and slick and shiny and sexy! Myself and H. R.  Geiger  are the only artists  who have monograph (meaning its all our  own "mono means one") showings displayed in bars. South Beach,  Florida  has a hotel called the Lord Balfour  and it is  one of the historical hotels  recently under renovation.  The owner is a  fan of my art and so he came to me with the proposition of purchasing  seven of my tattoo girl photographs. Now I come to find that they are designing the rooms in the hotel to match  the photographs  themselves. Example:  The primary colors  in one photograph are orange and emerald green and they have matched the colors of the  room furniture  to be the same orange and dark emerald green  that is  and a bit of her role a in that photograph. There are 64 rooms in the hotel and my art will be showcased either in 30 foot wall murals or on easels.
They are even having  a large rug  made from one of the photographs.  I don't know if that's what you meant by that question but I thought this was pertinent information, and it's something  timely that I'm very jazzed about!

7) As you have developed your style and artwork, which artists
have influenced you?
I was always a fan of Helmut Newton's work  and I think he is absolutely brilliant.  I am also a fan of Weegee  who did the New York street scene  imagery as well as  gritty crime scene photos. I loved Weegee's  "deer-in-the-headlights"  lighting technique  so for a long time I only  did work in black-and-white. Marc Seliger  is a photographer who works for Rolling Stone and US magazine and he does some  very wild and inventive  stuff.  Seliger did this one image of Rob Zombie where he is holding a pigs head and he's got mummies   all behind him, its pretty rad.  Roberto Vargas  I  also love!

8) Does the psp community help artists become more well known
with getting their names and artwork more visible?
Im sure of that.  There's also a ton of new artists  out there  showing their work and I'm sure they will get more well-known through the PSP community.

9) What do you enjoy the most about being part of the psp community?
I love the passion people have about these tags!  I love it when people  are passionate about art. I also love  to see whats up all the  forums  and all of the blogs.

10) What are some of your favorite art pieces which you have done and why?

 My favorite pieces always seem to be the ones I have done most recently. So if you ask me that right now I would tell you my favorite art piece is the shots that I did last week of THE BLACK VEIL BRIDES.  I photographed them last week for a magazine  interview piece  and they were really great and a lot of fun,  and the shots from that session are, to date, my favorites. I  shot them  at my friend Vidal's  autopsy room. Vidal also makes 'coffin couches', which are primarily couches made from real coffins.
 Check out his website   at    1–800–  and you will see the  couches and everything that has to do with his very  dark and creepy profession.

11) Do you prefer tags with your art tubes animated or non animated? Or are both great to you?
 I have a preference towards the non-animated simply because I like things that are "image heavy"  which basically means that it just has to do with the image itself   and has no "blinkies".

12) Do you do commissions for taggers?
 YES, of course!
How about ideas for tubes which taggers may have?
 Actually it says right on   my website   that if anyone has  any ideas about what they would like to see to please hit me up with that, and I would happily document anything for them.

13) Is there anything which you don't allow to be done with your artwork? For example mirroring, animation, etc.
No  not really.  I feel that   once you have purchased    a tube from  you are welcome to do whatever you wish with it.  I want people to take my art and have fun with it. It says right on the website " have your way with us!"  which is a sexier way of saying, you know, do what you want with it, and just have fun!

14) Would you like to receive tags which our readers may do featuring your artwork? We often love to send the artists tags by our members.
 I would adore that.  My favorite thing about owning  is seeing the tags that all of you create.  The tagline on the site is" real babes for real PSP  art"……and thats  just what we are!!!!

One  more thing  art lovers, if you  see anything  you like on any of my other  web sites let me know  which image it is and we will make it available to you. We  try our hardest to accommodate everyone.

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