Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kathy Siney

Good evening readers! Today we are speaking with the artist Kathy Siney.She does wonderful pinup and rockabilly artwork. You can visit her website and purchase her tubes at MTA. Thank you so much for speaking with us today Kathy.

1) How did you become a part of the psp tube community?

Until I signed with a tubing company ( originally AMI) several years ago, I'd had no idea there was such a large community! I got invited to groups and people sent me the tags they had created and I loved seeing them!

2) What does your artwork mean to you?
 It's my whole world! I draw almost every day and have done so since I was a child, so its very much a part of me, and its what I love doing.

3) What inspires you in creating your artwork?
 My love of 1950s Rockabilly music and the lifestyle that accompanies it, is my main inspiration. The clothing and hairstyles of this time, means Im never short of ideas and the pin up look is beautiful to see on modern day people too.

4) How long have you been selling psp tubes?
 About six years I think, though it could be a little longer.

5) How do you create your artwork? Is it by hand
or digitally? What tools do you use in doing the artwork?
 I do everything by hand, using different methods such as watercolour paint, pencils and inks. I love exploring new ways of doing things! I always start by drawing things out in pencil first, I think pencil is my favourite tool to use!

6)Aside from psp tubes, what else do you create
with your artwork? I sell prints of my art of my website and when I go to shows, I have other merchandise like cards, keyrings, bags and mirrors. I am also licensed with other companies who produce home ware and cross stitch kits from my art.

7) As you have developed your style and artwork, which artists have influenced you?
 One of my most favourite artists is Olivia de Berardinis - an amazing pin-up artist in America! I love classic artists like Elvgren but also modern cartoon art too! I have so many art books at home that I love to look at, from artists all over the world.

8) Does the psp community help artists become more well known
with getting their names and artwork more visible?
 Definitely! I have always been very thankful to the taggers who create wonderful images using my art and its so exciting to see them! I don't have any skills to create them myself so I have lots of admiration for the talented psp community!

9) What do you enjoy the most about being part of the psp community?
I love seeing people's creativity and how they can make one of my pictures into something amazing, using ideas I would never have thought of! I would love to learn tagging one day!

10) What are some of your favorite art pieces which you have done and why?
One of my most recent pictures called 'Atomic Girl' which I did in ink. I had been wanting to create a Rockabilly style girl on roller skates for a while and I was travelling to a 1950s festival called 'Atomic' that weekend, so it seemed perfect! I enjoyed painting 'Knickerbocker Glory' too because she is a classic American Diner girl. Red and pink are my favorite colours, so I always find it difficult to choose other colours for a change!!

 11) Do you prefer tags with your art tubes animated or non animated? Or are both great to you?
 Both are great to me! I love them all!

12) Do you do commissions for taggers? How about ideas for tubes which taggers may have?
I have never done any commissions for taggers so far but I'd love to hear which kind of pictures they would like next.I would gladly paint something especially for the tagging community!

13) Is there anything which you don't allow to be done with your artwork? For example mirroring, animation, etc.
 It doesn't matter too much, though sometimes mirroring can look a little strange to me; I think just the way I paint an image can sometimes look odd if it is reversed.

14) Would you like to receive tags which our readers may do featuring your artwork? We often love to send the artists tags by our readers.
I would LOVE that! I get so excited seeing them and I would love to feature them, with credit to the tagger,  on my facebook page, website etc :)

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  1. An awesome interview!! It's great to know how an artist started out & what they think of the tags that we create with their art.
    Looking forward to reading more interviews!!!