Monday, April 21, 2014

Regan Kubecek

Good afternoon readers! Today we are speaking with the artist Regan Kubecek. She is a fantastic artist with a mix of fantasy & gothic style. You can find her facebook here.  Her tubes are available at
PSP TUBE STOP. Thank you so much for speaking with us Regan.

Years ago when I was just starting to share my art online I was approached by a company who wanted to license my artwork for tubing. I remember thinking it was awesome but at the same time I didnt have a clue what the heck they wanted to do with my
I have since discovered what tubing is and have seen how popular it is, I am so pleased that people enjoy using my art for tubing.

My artwork means so many different things to me, it is my relaxation, my pleasure and also my job. At times it can be very demanding and tiring, but I dearly love creating and wouldnt change it for the world. My art means everything to me, without it I just wouldnt be me :)

I am a big music lover, I always have music playing and have found that my art can take many different turns depending on my music. Movies are also very inspiring to me, I am a Tim Burton fan and adore his style. I often find myself wanting to draw all kinds of ghouls after I watch his films.
So I guess music and movies inspire me alot :)

I would have to guess that I have been selling psp tubes for around 8 or 9 years now.

I am a traditional artist, and create most of my artworks using ink markers and pens. Though I also use pencils and pastels from time to  time. It all depends on what the artwork needs, sometimes my work can have a bit of everything.

My art is used for a variety of different things besides psp tubes. My art is used for cross stitch patterns, greeting cards, bookmarks and stamps. And of course I do alot of commissions, these keep me very busy.

I thinks I would have to say Tim Burton is one of my biggest inspirations, I also love Jessica Galbreth. But I definately think my style speaks for itself, I have had years and years of developing the art you see today. When I look back it amazes me how much I've grown, and I think a very active imagination and a deep love for what I do has kept me inspired :)

I definately think it helps, there is nothing better than word of mouth to help an artist. And with todays social media sharing artists work and the creations made using psp is absolutely a great way to create exposure for artists.

I would have to say nothing makes me happier than seeing the wonderful creations made using my art. Im always extremely flattered when someone shares what they have made with me :)

Wow......that is hard. I have sooooo Perhaps one that springs to mind is The Journey Home, it certainly isnt my most popular artwork. But something about it speaks to me, I just love the atmosphere and mood of the piece. And another would be An Afternoon Stroll, that one appeals to me simply because its pretty ;)

I like both, as long as people are having fun creating.

I recently did a commission for a  tagger, and would happily do more. However simply because my time is very limited, I dont create art based on ideas or request.

I am pretty flexible when it comes to tubing, I mainly just ask that the colours not be changed or alterations to the artwork. But otherwise go for it, have fun.

Of course, Id love to see your creations :)

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